About Us

Company history

Earth Matters has been providing organic, non- toxic solutions since 1994. We are conveniently located in Columbus, Ohio. Being locally owned and operated enables us to provide personal service for your lawn care needs. Earth Matters has been featured in the Columbus Dispatch and also on local news.

Customer Testimonials

Earth Matters' customers have recommended our services to Angie's list. We have received many powerful thank you letters recognizing our organic products as safe and effective.

Broad Leaf Weed Control

In addition to providing environmentally safe products and service to our customers we, at Earth Matters, also share control solutions that can be prepared at home. Our goal is to eliminate toxic chemicals in the environment while contributing to the health and life of the soil.


1 Gallon white vinegar

Juice of 2 lemons, strained

2 Tbls. biodegradable liquid dish soap

Combine and spray directly on the weed. The spray will also harm the grass so be as careful as possible. Choose a day that is sunny and over 75 degrees. Spraying during mid-day sunshine is the most effective.